Port of LA at Work and Play


San Pedro is a center of Southern California culture and commerce on the LA Waterfront. Our culture is an eclectic mix of cuisine and camaraderie. We celebrate the culture, history, and diversity of longshoremen, the fishing industry, craftspeople, and small businesses throughout LA County. 


This buzzing hub is a site where cargo is imported and exported. A prominent fishing hotspot, this place has been home to fresh-catch seafood for many generations.


We’re creating a premier LA experience. Starting with the waterfront, there’s a rich and storied tradition guiding us into the future.

San Pedro Flavor

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West Harbor draws on the rich heritage of San Pedro: industrial shipbuilding, fishing, and classic car and motorcycle culture. The coast of California is where culture is made and exported. 

We invite you to explore our local traditions and exciting new trends. We’re building upon what came before us to craft something special, something contemporary, and something exceptional.


A Community Anchor

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West Harbor will be a beacon for all of Los Angeles: a harborside destination where the rich culture of the working port is discovered and celebrated.

From the historic USS Iowa, to fishing ships, to dining, walking, and watching, West Harbor is the real California waterfront.

The waterside attraction will stimulate the local economy of San Pedro, creating jobs, public spaces, entertainment, and possibilities for the next generation of Angelenos.


Meet the Blue Economy


AltaSea is a groundbreaking  35-acre  campus where ocean innovators work  together. Through a bold plan conceived in concert with the community, AltaSea is making a lasting mark on the future of Los Angeles and the planet through a unique public-private ocean institute that joins together the best and brightest in exploration, science, business and education--inspiring the next generation.   AltaSea is the only incubator in LA County focused on a sustainable ocean economy. 

West Harbor will be the gathering spot for dining, food and fun on the LA Waterfront for this innovative, growing new workforce.


West Harbor would like you to meet our neighbor, AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles.