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A World-Class Waterfront

With a panoramic view of the vibrant Port of Los Angeles, West Harbor is a celebration of global commerce as it arrives in California.


The channel is a theater for how the world trades.

Watch container ships as you grab a bite to eat from an array of culinary offerings. Take a walk along the port. Tour the USS Iowa. Do some rock climbing or relax on a sky swing. Sample local seafood right from the source. Spot some whales and enjoy sunset on a harbor cruise. Sip a cocktail at a floating bar.

As if that's not enough, pick up a game of beach volleyball next to the port. Work up and appetite and then start again. 


Find West Harbor. Find the new. 


LA Flocks to the Harbor

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People from LA, throughout Southern California, and across the nation come together at West Harbor. 


Designed for exploration, we’re making space for people’s entire lives. Dog-friendly gardens, playgrounds for the kids, and an entertainment venue are a few of the exciting opportunities at West Harbor. Eat, drink, shop and spend time together outdoors.


West Harbor means play for everyone.

Front-Row Seats at the Industrial Theater


The clockwork choreography of monumental ships passing through the port is a window onto the LA Waterfront and the larger-than-life world of commercial shipping. Day and night, visitors can watch the action that drives international trade and brings the city to life.

This is more than a food hall or a walk along the water. This is a front-and-center view of the biggest show in town.


An experience for all.

From town to harbor, there is a rich adventure to find at West Harbor.