West Harbor,

A New Destination

A Revered Waterfront 

A stunning reinvention of the historic San Pedro Ports O’ Call property. West Harbor will be an entirely new harbor- side district, rooted in its authentic past. A world class destination celebrating the best of everything that LA has to offer. Renowned chef driven restaurants, seafood markets, artisan craft beers and live entertainment. A gathering place bringing culture and community together. A respite from busy life to connect with family and friends, to take in the sights and sounds of the ocean.

Soulful, Energetic, a Beacon of Change. 

This is the good life.

Revival of a Historic Waterfront

The Ports O’ Call property has enjoyed a nearly 55-year history of drawing patrons to dine, shop and entertain themselves on the San Pedro waterfront. Its roots are deep, authentic, alive. West Harbor will usher in a brand-new era. 

A reinvention of public, port and historic locations like no other in the city. 

A Renewed Connection With the Sea

A renowned piece of Southern California, a mix of commerce and coast. A renewed connection with the sea and the vibrant Port of Los Angeles, a dramatic backdrop of working port and the natural world. 

A constantly evolving experience, we are the port at play.

Revitalize the Soul

West Harbor sets the stage for a world class legendary destination. 

West Harbor provides a front row seat to waterfront entertainment. This is all about the experience of connecting with friends, of enriched and memorable experiences. 

A hub of culture, the rhythm of diversity, the power of music. 

Reconnect with the Coast

West Harbor will be a waterfront home for the local community, a compelling beacon of enjoyment for all of Los Angeles. Classic California lifestyle and livelihood emanating from the waterfront.

Where the Chef Meets the Sea

It’s part of our culture, a culinary connection to the sea. A vibrant waterfront market serving the freshest of fish, a modern, authentic interpretation of a historic classic. 

A curated, coastal, uniquely West Harbor experience. 

Craft Brewed

Hand Crafted. A renaissance of the ages old art of making beer. And a connection with the seafaring voyages of our earliest ancestors. The brewery at West Harbor will be a gathering place for all, a celebration of makers and craftsmen and culture and community. 

A Regional

Culinary Destination

West Harbor will be the canvas for a curated mix of the best artisans of the trade. A place where a local favorite and celebrity chef collaborate side by side creating something for every taste. Authentic purveyors, artisanal producers, the freshest catch from farm or sea to table.

A tantalizing offering for all to savior.


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West Harbor aims to produce an economically sustaining development that improves the quality of life for the San Pedro community and the LA Waterfront.

It is a collaboration between The Ratkovich Company and Jerico Development.

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