a Harborside Space
for 21st Century
Southern Californians

West Harbor is a district where shopping, playing, and eating are waterside. The exciting intersection of open space with a working port makes a place like no other.

A New

By opening the port space to everyone, from joggers to boaters to cyclists to scooter riders, we’re connecting San Pedrans, Angelenos, and out-of-towners ready to celebrate small businesses, local restaurants, and the community they share.


Leasing Opportunities

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West Harbor draws together the leading trends of restaurants and retail and places them onto an exciting California waterfront. 

The location sits right in the middle of the regions entertainment and outdoor attractions. With strategic proximity to DTLA, Westside LA, Long Beach and Orange County, West Harbor is convenient to all. 

The surrounding geography is populated with trend-setting and thrill-seeking people. The area is always at the forefront of dining, retail, and getting out. 

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World Class Difference

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Follow the 110, take the Silver Line, ride a bike, paddle, sail, or drive to West Harbor.

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The leasing opportunity is as ambitious as the development. With ample room to start, grow, and change, every tenant can look forward to a rich ground at West Harbor. 

We're working with Port of LA to make this destination something new and powerful. From the San Pedro Town Square to a world-class entertainment theater, leasing here means finding a home with powerful neighbors. 


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West Harbor

From the historic USS Iowa, to fishing ships, to dining, walking, and watching, West Harbor is the real California waterfront.

The waterside attraction will stimulate the local economy of San Pedro, creating jobs, public spaces, entertainment, and possibilities for the next generation of Angelenos.

This is an industrious leap forward. 

This is West Harbor.