LA's Liveliest Landing

Come for a culinary adventure, stay for a naval history lesson. Take in a show. Have some seaside fun.


Experience the President's Battleship

Open to the public after extensive restoration, visitors can see what life on a battleship was like for sailors: where they ate, slept, and showered. Find out what naval machinery looked like in the twentieth century. Learn how it feels to squeeze through a 16-inch turret hatch.

West Harbor pairs the past with the future in an exciting present. 

The USS Iowa is history. The lead ship of the Iowa class, this 887-foot-long, 187-foot-tall vessel served in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It’s the only museum ship on the entire west coast. It gained its nickname — “The Battleship of Presidents” — after carrying Presidents Roosevelt, Reagan, and Bush.

Now you can step aboard.

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Portside Performance, Perfected

West Harbor is an entertainment destination for Los Angeles. The waterside amphitheater is a performance venue visitors can enjoy from the water, from a dining deck, from Veterans Plaza, or from the seating areas surrounding it.

The amphitheater sits amidst the industrial theater of West Harbor. The music plays as cargo ships pass. The performance goes on as the port’s night lights glitter across the water.


Get up close and personal with entertainment to please the whole family — from concerts and dance to theater and movie nights. 

Life on the Water

West Harbor brings a new sense of life and vitality to the LA Waterfront. Not only can you drive, walk, or bike; you can sail or paddle to West Harbor, too.

Courtesy slips provide easy in-and-out access for sailors and boaters, but if you don’t have a boat of your own, this place has you covered with cruises, boat rentals and charter trips. Spot marine life and seabirds on a whale-watching cruise. Take in an unbeatable California vista and a tasty craft cocktail on a sunset cruise. Enjoy a delicious meal with your family on a dinner cruise.

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There’s also plenty of fun to be had for landlubbers. An event lawn gives adults plenty of greenspace to stretch out and catch up with friends, while a play area gives kids the room they need to burn off some energy and run around with friends.


At the southern edge of West Harbor, the town square provides a beautiful dockside space for large group outings and more formal events.